Captured is escaping!!

There’s only a couple more days left until the SALA Exhibition “Captured” at the Davery Establishment is taken down and moved on………..Hopefully someone will be able to recapture and tame this fabulous exhibition.  So come down grab a coffee have a sensational meal and browse the exhibition before it leaves the Davery for good.

“The Tragics” are extremely indebted to David and the staff at the Davery Establishment, what a fabulous space to showcase artwork, we are very proud and extremely grateful that David took the leap of faith and agreed to have “Captured” as his SALA exhibition. 4 pieces have been sold from this installation giving David and the team some funds to go towards their favourite charity.

I have loved being apart of this exhibition, there has been so many people that have come through and made comment about all of the works hanging, and again I have to say how proud I am to be associated with “The Tragics” ……………the girls artworks are sensational – for a group of girls that are physically challenged (there could be a question of age thrown in there as well!) we’re not too bad.Foggy morning20150627_15850


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